Serviettes Hygiéniques Lavables (Lot De 2) - Flux Normal

Washable Sanitary Towels (Pack of 2) - Normal Flow

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Specially designed for effective protection thanks to their waterproof film and their layers of absorbent cotton fleece, these sanitary napkins conform to your body shape and ensure perfect support thanks to their anatomical cut.

Made with organic cotton, these pads let your skin breathe and are ideal for replacing disposable menstrual products. Suitable for normal flow during periods.

Manufactured in Europe Dimensions - 20 x 20 cm. Fabric composition - Top/bottom/absorbent layers: 83% cotton. Waterproof layer: 17% polyester with polyurethane coating. The cotton comes from 100% organic farming. The dyes and textile treatments used are ecological - Vegan - Organic product - Ecological - Zero waste objective - Not tested on animals.

💡 According to figures from Planetoscope, women use on average between 10,000 and 15,000 disposable hygienic protections during their life. Every year, more than 45 billion pads and tampons are thrown away around the world, knowing that it takes around 500 years for these products to degrade, which is as long as a plastic bottle. 

The washable towels are made of natural materials, here in organic cotton, and therefore do not contain any chemical substances or added perfume. They are hand and machine washable at low temperature, and have a lifespan ranging from 5 to 10 years. They produce no waste since they are also recyclable when they reach the end of their life.