Our Social Impact

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• Our lifestyle impacts our environment •

MissBak is dedicated to empowering women, encouraging ethical and sustainable practices, and ensuring transparency around how and by whom our products are made.

With the aim of having a positive impact on our community, I decided to partner with several cooperatives based in Ivory Coast, while at the same time working to create awareness around healthier, more socially responsible lifestyle options. With the MissBak line of natural and ethical cosmetics I have been able to make this aim a reality.

The MissBak community is concerned about the environment, and ethical awareness is deeply rooted in our philosophy. Our goal is to take care of our planet. We live here and the best way to show our gratitude is to help preserve it.

Because we care about the individuals who make up each link in the production chain, choosing the MissBak brand turns your daily skincare routine into a meaningful and positive experience. All of our products are healthy, natural, ethical, vegan and gluten-free, and come in beautiful zero-waste packaging that is kinder to the environment.

Moreover, our products are packaged in sheltered workshop, which allows us to reinforce our social and societal impact.

The MissBak Fundraiser

If a healthy and socially responsible lifestyle is important to you, take part in the MissBak Fundraiser! You'll receive a pot of our pure and natural shea butter as a thank you gift with every donation.

I act now!

Soins cosmétiques corporels conscients MissBak

• Our values •

Our values are:

  • Quality - through healthy, natural and ethical skincare products,
  • Transparency - on the production process and the ingredients found in our products,
  • Positive Impact - on our community and the environment,
  • Community - the people working together to live and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

Ahoua Eve Aurelie BAKAYOKO - Founder of MissBak

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