Back to the basics


One of my motivations when I founded MissBak was the need to go back to the roots, to the origins and the direct contact with the ones that are the basis of our daily care products, and that we very often forget, unfortunately...

I still feel that inked feeling every time I go back to the village, that need for nothing more than what is already available, our joy of playing in the rain, water to be drawn from a well, little electricity, the chats around the fire 😃, the meals shared with the cousins in the same big tray, the same tale told every night by the grandmother about our ancestors!

I sometimes remember the adventurous journeys I used to take as a kid. I didn't realize it at all like going into the forest without my grandmother knowing, climbing little hills, the childish innocence... it's also all those memories that shaped me and made my childhood happy and that's what I aspire to for all children!

I'm already looking forward to go back!!!

That's why I have privileged for MissBak a direct contact and purchase with the producers in order to guarantee this transparency to the maximum and a rapprochement between the body care you have in your bathroom and those who are at the origin. Your purchases will also allow you to measure the impact you have on lives thousands of miles away, such as schooling, building wells for clean water, electricity...

Do you also sometimes go back to your hometown/village or childhood... what are your happiest memories? Let's continue the discussion on my page instagram 😊