Coconut Oil vs Copra Oil


Coconut oil is rich in nutrients and has many benefits for the skin. It helps to fight against its aging by nourishing it deeply. Virgin coconut oil is unrefined, meaning it is obtained through cold pressing of the fresh coconut flesh. Cold extraction preserves the vitamins, saturated fatty acids and quality of this oil. No chemicals are therefore used during its manufacture, the taste and smell of coconut are preserved.

Refined coconut oil or copra oil comes from a hot pressing of the dried flesh of the coconut, it is refined and deodorized. It is used in particular for the manufacture of monoi, or in many food products. It is refined with chemicals to remove mold, make it transparent and deodorize it. Copra oil loses most of its nutrients and therefore some of these benefits because of this processing and the high temperatures at which it is heated. Copra oil therefore no longer has all the benefits of virgin coconut oil and is extremely polluting for the environment.

On the back of the bottles, copra and virgin coconut oil have the same name: Coco nucifera. It is virtually impossible to know which of the two is actually present in the cosmetics you buy or whether the oil you buy is refined or unrefined. Since copra is cheaper, it is obviously preferred. The coconut smell is achieved through the addition of fragrance, as coconut oil is completely deodorized due to the treatments.

It is therefore important to favor virgin coconut oil to enjoy these benefits and its natural scent that will delicately perfume your body, hair and home cosmetics.

But then how do you identify a good virgin coconut oil?

If the label does not clearly states that the oil is unrefined or virgin, you can assume that it is refined. So it's important to take the time to read the labels before your purchase (this will be the subject of another article 😊).

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