5 ways to use Cocoa Butter


It is little known and yet the Cocoa butter is a treasure for body care.


Cocoa butter is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals (iron, calcium, copper, magnesium), and also contains flavonoids, including polyphenols (antioxidants).

Thanks to them, they neutralize free radicals, restructure the epidermis and ensure a good cellular functioning 🌟

It moisturizes, nourishes, repairs and intoxicates the senses with its delicious smell 😋




Cocoa butter comes from the pods. The beans undergo a fermentation and a roasting process that gives off their aromas. Then, they are separated from the shell, the remaining almond being crushed to obtain the cocoa paste. From this paste is extracted two parts, one will be used to make cocoa powder, and the other our Cocoa Butter 😀

💡In addition to being a powerful natural antioxidant, t stimulates collagen synthesis, which restores elasticity and tone to the skin. Ideal therefore to fight against the effects of time, signs of skin aging but also against stretch marks (rupture of elastic fibers).


This is why we find cocoa butter as an ingredient in moisturizing, soothing and protective massage balms. It is also appreciated in the care for very dry hair and for the damaged ends.


So how do you use it in your skincare routine?

1) Use cocoa butter lozenges tonourish your dry lips and hands. You can also melt them in a mayor bath (melting point 35°).


2) Warm the cocoa butter tablets in your hands and rub them on your skin for daily use. Cocoa butter melts very quickly, you can also mix it with your cream or your favorite vegatable oil for easy application.


3) For hair, it is used as an ingredient in your preparations of masks, nourishing hair balms, dry end serums.

👉🏾For a mask for example to be applied on the hair, mix 30% of Cocoa butter melted in a water bath with 70% of your vegetable oil.

Coat the hair, insisting on the ends.

Massage hair then wrap with a warm towel. Keep if possible overnight then shampoo.

You can also apply melted Cocoa butter to your hair (roots and lengths) as a daily leave-in treatment.


4) In the evening, before going to bed, don't hesitate to pass a cocoa butter lozenge on your face cleaned, you will have a very soft skin in the morning when you wake up 💖


5) MissBak cocoa butter is a must-have ingredient for your home-made cosmetic 🥣 (body balm, lip balm, soap, etc.), while giving them a gourmet flavor.


Here you have all the cards in hand to optimize your use of raw cocoa butter 😀

As a reminder, MissBak Cocoa Butter is rough and tough in its original form, not deodorized which makes that its characteristic smell as well as its virtues are maintained. It comes from cocoa trees located in the south of Côte d’Ivoire purchased from producers at a fair price.

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