10 ways to make the most of your vacation

Soon the summer vacations! After two years of restrictions, some of us will take a break or a real vacation!
An opportunity to relax.
To make the most of this seasonal break, it is important to be prepared so that you won't have the impression of having done nothing good ^^

Here are 10 ideas from me of things to do, which I am sure you will benefit from more than one.


1) Putting your affairs in order : It's a good opportunity to sort out all that paperwork and e-mails you never had time to deal with. Take stock of your administrative procedures, finances, insurance, overdue bills, paper to be destroyed, e-mails to be processed. Take advantage of this moment of calm to put everything in order. Plus those tasks once done soothes and reassures. Moreover, tomorrow isn't guaranteed, so it's important to have all these things in order and up to date.


2) Travel responsible : If you have decided to take a trip, take advantage of this moment to immerse yourself and discover the visited territory. Don't be "just" tourists ^^ learn about the culture of the visited country, immerse yourself, observe, educate yourself, avoid polluting waste, avoid giving sweets to the children you meet, it is a very bad habit that we often observe, even if the intention is good, it remains a very bad habit ^^


3) Take a few days without your children : if you have the possibility, take a few days without your children, maybe a weekend. Leave them with someone you trust or take them to a summer camp. Some parents find it difficult to separate from their children, but an exhausted parent can hardly be at his best for his children. ☺️


4) Share time with your family : Spend time with your loved ones, friends, family. Visit your parents. Where I come from, it is up to the children to take care of their parents as they age. Our parents, in turn, need us as they age. It is important to visit and take care of them.


5) Staycation : Don't hesitate to register your children for activities near you. Most communities have activities or outings during the vacations for children or families. Don't hesitate to register your children. Some of these are free, others require a fee. If the latter are out of your budget, think of the social assitant in your area who could give you a helping hand!


6) Preparing for back to school : Make a list of back-to-school errands, prepare your budget, get your kids ready for the next classes or to start daycare. How about some vacation homework or reading? Sort out your wardrobe, clothes to be passed around between brothers and sisters, to be repaired or given to associations.


7) A day to pamper yourself : pamper yourselves! as for me I have already booked my date of pedicure, manicure and massage. There is a chance I'll fall at sleep in the beautician's arms haha.

You have spent months taking care of others, take at least one day to take care of yourself. Have a treatment, go to the movies, go out with your besties, have a sleepover, the list is long.


8) Take stock of your career : Are you satisfied with your current career plan? take a step back, take stock, think about the future. Do you deserve a promotion or a salary increase? If so, take the step and ask for it with arguments, you won't get anything otherwise.


9) Do a medical check-up : We rarely think about it, but one of the best ways to stay healthy is to have regular check-ups. You'll anticipate disasters and avoid costly medical bills as well.


10) Calling long-time friends : I recently saw a post on Instagram saying that it's important to check in with your friends and not only like their posts on social networks. It's so true! How far away are the days when we called our friends on the phone, or visited each other... Digital should never replace real life and authenticity.


Bonus : If you have pets, more and more companies offer pet sitting services even outside the vacation period. Book your pets' places now if you don't travel with them.


Hoping that these few words will benefit you 🧡 feel free to share this article without moderation ^^