"The deodorant that we made in the workshop is really amazing. Not only is it super effective in fighting odors but it also smells good. Most of all, I feel reassured knowing it's made with only natural ingredients. My daughter and I both happily slather it on!"

"I love them!! The texture is super nourishing and penetrates well, while the toasted coconut smell of the oil is a delight. I've been using these types of products for a long time but I loved the quality of yours and my next order will be definitely be from you 😊"
"Hey girls! Who likes 🥥 oil and shea butter? I'm addicted, I use them for pretty much all my skin and hair care, if they're pure, that's what I really like. I'm curious, do you use them? If so, pass on any recipes as I would love to learn of new ones. These are from @missbakofficiel, gluten-free and vegan 🌱 I'm simply in love!"

"I tested the coconut oil, it's a great product, I highly recommend it. It's perfect for overnight hair masks (nourishing and anti-dandruff effect) and is very moisturizing in case of dry skin."
Anonymous client

"Hi girls, I received two products from @missbakofficiel the first is shea butter which is really good for stretch marks and since their products are pure and preservative-free we can use them during pregnancy and after giving birth. The second I received is coconut oil, it has many uses but personally I'm going to keep it for oil baths because I love the effect of coconut oil on hair, you can used it to moisturize the skin, to remove makeup from your face.....thank you "

"I wanted to share my opinion with you on the shea butter that I chose, it's amazing. The solid texture inside the jar is surprisingly easy to apply by rubbing it lightly on the skin, it's very good! After rubbing it in, it makes your skin shine and then gradually fades in contact with the air, so it penetrates quite well! "
Anonymous client

"I wanted to tell you about these great products that I had the chance to try, a million thanks to @missbakofficiel for choosing me. They're a vegan and gluten-free brand that is fair trade, and that's just amazing. For a contribution to help the launch of the brand via the @missbakofficiel site, you can get a 50ml jar. So don't hesitate to try this product which for me is more than a simple cosmetic product, it's an act for my well-being and for the planet. "

"One day when I ran out of makeup remover, I said to myself I'll try using MissBak's shea butter. And frankly it's great, I put it on my reusable cotton pad and I rubbed. It takes a little longer than a makeup remover but at least I am hydrating my skin and it doesn't sting the eyes. I love the shea butter from MissBak, it's the best!"