Tips and tricks for taking care of your nails

prendre soin de ses ongles


Nails are essentially made of keratin. They also contain small amounts of water, fatty acids, calcium and iron.
Nails are a reflection of our health. Excellent barometer to indicate what is wrong with our body, let's see what they reveal to us.

What do your nails say? 💅🏾

Splitting nails:
The structure of the nail is made up of two superimposed layers which, when they separate, cause splitting at the end of the nail. This very common problem is sometimes caused by too much exposure to cold or drought.

In the majority of cases, however, this indicates that your nails are fragile and that you suffer from an intolerance to excessive humidity and household products (bleach, solvents, detergents, etc.).

The more you put them in water, the more they will split! To remedy this, limit direct contact with water as much as possible and wear gloves during your maintenance work. Before putting them on, coat your hands and nails with moisturizer. You can also soak your nails in olive oil once a week. 

Wavy nails:
When the nails undulate, it means that the nail matrix is affected. Problems like eczema, psoriasis or a zinc deficiency (contained in fish, meats and whole grains) can be the cause. Another possibility: the presence of mycoses, microscopic fungi which get under the nail and cause it to curl. You must then consult a dermatologist who will specify the exact cause of the problem and who will suggest the appropriate treatment.

Soft nails:
Your nails are so soft that they turn over without breaking, this indicates a deficiency in vitamins B (contained in the seeds), A and E. If necessary, soak your nails in Argan oil. This oil is rich in vitamins A and E. Also remember to introduce into your diet as much vitamin B6 (egg yolk, cereals and brewer's yeast) as possible, known to strengthen nails.

Nails that break easily:
Nails that break at the slightest blow indicate a magnesium or calcium deficiency. To remedy the situation, you can take brewer's yeast either in capsule form or in powder form that you add to your food. Also be careful with solvents containing acetone, they dry out the keratin of the nail.

Nails with streaks:
If your nails become deformed, creating transverse ridges or small cracks, it may be due to inflammation of the nail root. Perhaps your nails have come into contact with chemicals. This causes trauma to the nail bed, causing significant dehydration. The danger: Nails can split lengthwise, which is very painful. Remember that it takes six to eight months for a nail to fully grow back.

Very pale nails:
Very pale nails could mean the beginnings of anemia. Talk to your doctor who, if necessary, may prescribe iron supplements. Another important thing to note: age is a factor that influences nail color. As we age, nails become more opaque, giving the impression that they are paler.

Nails with white spots:
Several factors can cause this problem, such as mycosis (fungus) or iron deficiency. To increase your iron intake, eat more green vegetables for example or, if you are not vegan, red meats or chicken liver.

Yellowed nails:
Both smoking and nail polish can cause nails to turn yellow. You can pass a buffing block (one-inch thick sponge) over the surface of the nail or rub half of a lemon on each nail. When they are all coated, dip them in hot water and wait a few minutes. The fungus that affects the nail can also cause a yellowish appearance.

Some additional tips

The benefits of lemon juice 🍋

Dip your nails in a mixture sweet almond oil and lemon juice: this will strengthen them. Ideal for ridged and brittle nails.

A little hot water: 
Dip your damaged nails in warm salt water. Your brittle nails will be strengthened.

A little olive oil bath:
Give your nails warm olive oil baths a few times a month. Olive oil is nourishing and will protect your nails from external aggressions. You can do the same with Castor oil.

Caring for cuticles:
Take care of your cuticles (tips of skin on the sides of the nails) by rubbing them with a little cream. Beforehand, you can soften them by soaking them in warm soapy water. Dead skin is thus removed from the base of the nail.

Are your nails not growing?
Consuming gelatin could help you. Opt for gelatin capsules or powder to add to your fruit juice, two products sold in pharmacies, generally without a prescription. A daily dose of one or the other is recommended. However, you will have to wait a few months before seeing an improvement. Above all, having a balanced diet is the winning recipe for having beautiful nails..

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