The benefits of coconut oil

Extracted from the mature fruit🥥, coconut oil has a delicious, characteristic coconut smell.

Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats (mainly auric acid and vitamin E).
MissBak coconut oil, produced by women from the southern coasts of Côte d'Ivoire, is of exceptional particularity and quality with a gourmand and delicious smell 💛

It is colorless and turns white when in its solid form.

It has a softening power and solidifies below 20 degrees.

This fatty paste can be used without any problem as a balm.

This makes it ideal for caring for dry and damaged skins, those that are chapped or cracked as well as rough skin lacking elasticity.


🌴How to use it

Thanks to its vitamin A and E content, it calms feelings of heat and redness; it is a prime ingredient in after-sun care.

It is also ideal for use as a massage oil and to combat the appearance of stretch marks.

It has a very nourishing action on the hair! it can be used pure before shampooing or even as a leave-in treatment for the driest hair.

For normal hair, it will be used more as an ingredient in a treatment. It is often integrated into the manufacture of shampoo.

It is used in the composition of natural anti-lice products, combining it with essential oils (geranium, lavender), because the oil asphyxiates these parasites without damaging the scalp.

For men, coconut oil can advantageously substitute for shaving cream and will effectively protect the skin in a natural way.

🥣 In homemade cosmetics, coconut oil is also recommended as a gargle or an ingredient for your homemade toothpaste for its whitening and anti-bacterial properties.

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