5 tips to go back to school naturally

School season starting...why not take the opportunity to change some habits?

Here are a few ways to approach this new season zen and natural🌱

1) Sort through your clothes and those of your children and resell on a second hand platform (Vestiaire collective, Vinted, Vide dressing etc.) And yes the children have grown up, and you certainly have clothes that you do not put on anymore or never put on because the opportunity never presented itself 😅. Resell or donate them, this way you participate in the circular economy while doing good to your wallet ♻

2) Cook yourself and stop the already prepared, frozen dishes etc. Don't hesitate to prepare your children's snacks yourself. The advantage is that you know what's in your plate and you avoid chemical additives.

3) Are you a regular of straightening or chemical coloring? How about changing your habit by leaving your beautiful natural hair ?

This is also an opportunity to try a new haircut or hair routine.

For your little ones, trust the properties of Coconut oil and Lavender to protect hair from lice...

I recommend on this my video on the 5 secrets to sublimate your hair here

4) Cleanse your skin and change your skin care and beauty routine. Finally start using products that are suitable for your skin type, without parabens or chemicals while still having good protection against external agressions!

I've put together a special support program for perfect skin that will allow you:

  • identify and understand your skin type,
  • its characteristics in order to provide it with the appropriate care,
  • know how your skin type works,
  • the best foods to hydrate and how to do it well.

You can join now by clicking here 

5) Back to school can be stressful, why not start a new leisure or sports activity. It may also be the time to think about yourself, to spend more time with yourself or, on the contrary, to rediscover little by little the socialization, networking 😉

What tip(s) will you implement?